Please note: this is a legacy website relating to the UCD Student Digital Ambassador 2016 initiative. This site is no longer being updated, but will remain available as a permanent record of the project, which was funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education as part of the All Aboard project on digital skills.

Click here to read the UCD Student Digital Ambassador 2016 Implementation and Evaluation Report (June 2017).


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Welcome to the UCD Student Digital Ambassadors’ website

The UCD Student Digital Ambassador initiative is supported by the All Aboard project, itself funded through the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. The All Aboard project works on behalf of the higher education sector to highlight the importance of digital skills for all stakeholders in the sector and to enhance the digital capacity of all to flourish in the digital age.

One of the key priorities of the All Aboard project is the inclusion of students. Each of the partner institutions (NUI Galway, UL, MIC & UCD) have been challenged to respond with an initiative that empowers students to not only learn more but to share that learning with their fellow students and staff in their institutions. The UCD Student Digital Ambassador initiative is our institution’s response to this challenge.

During the initiative, ambassadors will be prompted to reflect on their own digital skills, and how the application of these digital skills may vary in personal, professional and social contexts. In the development of this initiative a student partnership approach has been employed and the voice of the students themselves is key and has indeed informed some of the themes and ambassadorial activities that they will have the opportunity to participate in.

Informed by the National Digital Skills Framework, the initial focus throughout first semester of the project will be on digital identity/well-being and the use of social media. Additionally, participants will also be offered content creation sessions to enhance their digital skills. A wide range of ambassador activities are being offered to students in partnership with collaborators in UCD; Student’s Union, the Access & Lifelong Learning Centre, the Library, IT Services & Teaching and Learning. It is envisaged this will enable the participants to develop their own digital skills while also carrying out their ambassadorial role in sharing what they have learned with the wider UCD community and beyond.

This website was created by Ivan Nicevic, UCD Student Digital Ambassador, working closely with initiative coordinators and other Ambassadors involved in the project’s social media presence, blogging and photography outputs.

It is currently being maintained and developed by ambassador Raman Prasad.

Across these pages, you will find information on the UCD Student Digital Ambassadors training sessions, in addition to the variety of activities that the current student digital ambassadors are involved in.

Here are a selection of photos from UCD Student Digital Ambassador events during 2016.

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